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Bison Heat InductorJust as the name suggests, our new Bison Heat Inductor packs muscle when it comes to freeing-off rusted or seized components. Designed for workshops in all industries, and using the unique characteristics of radio frequency energy, it quickly heats components to red hot in seconds.

The Bison is ideal for auto-repair workshops; whether it’s chassis bolts under the vehicle or engine bolts on the bench, it can be used for virtually any seized, hard to remove fixing. Nuts, bolts, steering and suspension parts, bearings, gears, pulleys, sensors, manifolds, U-bolts to name just a few.

Induction heat avoids the use of gas bottles and open flames by using a safer induction-heating process, addressing issues of health, safety and insurance. This makes it popular in the body repair trade where flammable liquids are often found. Using the optional bodywork coil kit, the Bison can be safely used for the removal of outer trims, windscreens and even surface dent repairs.

Featuring large ‘in-use’ LED’s on both the hand control and front panel of the control unit, it is easy to see when induction is in progress. Furthermore, there are forward facing high-power torch LEDs at the front of the hand control to illuminate the working area in poor lighting conditions.

The Bison is 100% designed and manufactured by Boston in the UK. With our ergonomic design, high quality construction and large power capacity, the Bison truly is a valuable workshop tool.

Technical features below.-

Membrane keypad with integrated LEDs *
Additional non-MoT features (+12/24V – RVSE – IGN) *
Self-Test button *
Robust 5m cable (shielded – 8mm diameter) *
High quality 13-pin connection plug *
High quality protective storage case *
Rubber protective surround *
7-pin test capability with socket adapter *
Internal battery> *
Power source detection for self test *