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Headlamp Testing Equipment

Beam SetterB501 Headlight Beam Setter

Boston’s new ATL specification Beamsetter offers remarkable value with our traditional high quality construction, and capability for testing modern gas filled headlamps. Lateral vehicle adjustment is achieved by using a laser beam from the mounting pillar and there is also an additional through-the-lens laser to accurately align headlamp centres (not shown in movie).

These features are standard and allow for quick and reliable headlamp testing. A light luxmeter is also fitted as standard.

The B501 is supplied with guide rails, lux meter, alignment lasers and a brushed stainless steel top panel.

Specification of The Boston B501 Headlamp Beamsetter

Main Unit 59 x 25 x 25 cm [L x W x H]
Column height 141 cm
Base 58.5cm x 58cm
Track length 350 cm
Rail centres 44 cm
Range of height from centre of lens 24 cm (min) – 141 cm (max)
Proximity of tester lens to headlamp 50cm +/- 3cm [19.75 +/- 1.25]
Maintenance Grease of vertical guide and counter balance assembly
Light intensity measurement +/- 5% accuracy and resolution with 150,000 lux full scale below 5000 lux
Lux light meter power 9v battery
Total Weight 37kg