Boston offers the most comprehensive stand-alone diagnostic solution to cover all main European and Asian vehicle functionality. Introducing the NEW b-Touch, a market leading tool in the world of vehicle diagnostics. Colour touch-screen, separate finger-touch pad and built-in Bluetooth are just some of the unique standard features that make b-Touch one of Europe’s biggest sellers.

The b-Touch is our top of the range vehicle diagnostic tool. It is compact and lightweight, and essential for all technicians in today’s industry.

Operation couldn’t be easier.. Simply select the make and model of the vehicle on the colour touch-screen, locate the EOBD plug on the vehicle and connect. b-Touch will give you all the necessary diagnostic information and even activate components for testing.

The following functions are available.-

  • Boston b-touchReads and clears fault codes
  • Resets engine management fault lights
  • Scans and displays live streaming data from engine sensors
  • Displays data graphically for clearer diagnosis
  • Activate components
  • Code components and keys
  • Shows the location of sockets and cables on specific vehicles
  • Multi-language support
  • Never times out!

b-Touch also has the following standard features.-

  • Built-in Bluetooth communication
  • USB interface (simply connect to the PC and b-Touch automatically installs the required update software)
  • 7″ Colour touch-screen display
  • Secondary capacitive touch-pad
  • Robust aluminium body with rubber end caps
  • Large internal battery

Boston DPS-300The DPS-300 is a valuable service tool for the maintenance of electronically controlled braking systems. Increasingly more common in all markets, vehicles now require intervention into the ECU in order to release the brake calipers to allow service on brake pads and discs.

The new DPS-300 does just that. A stand-alone tool that simply connects to the OBD socket of the vehicle, and by following a small procedure with the press of a few buttons, the ECU is instructed to enable brake service work to be carried out.

DPS-300 is a compact and lightweight tool that is completely portable. It’s current vehicle coverage is shown below.

In terms of vehicle coverage, our diagnostic tools come extremely well equipped. Boston operates a system whereby the software allows the testing of all vehicle types instead of single brands like some other diagnostic suppliers.

This has two main advantages:-

  • The customer has a tool that will test a large variety of different vehicles – ideal for the general workshop
  • Updating the system is easy – simply connect via USB to an internet PC (excluding BDP100)

Furthermore… many other diagnostic units in the market force the customer into purchasing ongoing updates, or else the diagnostic equipment locks out. Not Boston – in fact our diagnostic equipment never locks out. You can continue to use the equipment for its entire life, and what’s more, all new updates that relate to the software already installed on your equipment are FREE OF CHARGE! – you just need to download them. To update with newer vehicles simply subscribe at any time.

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